Landfill Engineering

FLI France has extensive experience in landfill engineering, from landfill cell construction through to remediation, closure and aftercare. We have a proven project reference list of over 1,500 projects, supporting our capabilities in the following areas:

  • Landfill Cells
  • Landfill Gas Management
  • Landfill Capping, Restoration & Closure

Landfill Cells

For over 14 years FLI’s core business has been the specialist construction of environmental containment and barrier lining systems utilising the best quality geosynthetics installed by experienced technicians. Industry knowledge and practical experience gained over this time continues to benefit our customers today. FLI is one of the largest and most experienced geosynthetic installation companies in the France and globally. A comprehensive material supply and installation service is provided for a wide range of geosynthetic materials.

FLI maintains strong international industry alliances with core geosynthetic material suppliers, which assure its customers of the most competitive supply and installation package.

Landfill Gas Management

FLI provides a comprehensive range of services associated with landfill gas management, ranging from geomembrane capping to power generation. When available in sufficient quantity and quality, landfill gas can be utilised to generate electricity for supply to the national grid, thereby converting a potential environmental liability into a valuable resource.

For sites which have not yet achieved the mass of waste necessary to provide suitable quantities of gas for power generation or where power generation is not viable then FLI can design and install a suitable landfill gas collection system and flare.

Landfill Capping, Restoration & Closure

There are many obstacles to overcome in terms of landfill closure; landfill gas management, storm water drainage, capping and slope stability. FLI specialise in landfill closure projects, providing a turnkey design, supply and installation service.