Coal Mine Raw Water Storage Ponds

This project consisted of design, supply and install basal lining system and an insulated modular floating cover for two large raw water storage ponds. A MLDS (mobile leak detection system) survey was carried out before the lagoon was filled. The cover was installed dry, immediately after the basal lining was tested.

Project Details


Energy Resources


South Gobi Outer Mongolia

Further Information

  • Main Contractor: FLI
  • CQA: Int.
  • Design Consultant: Aquaterra
  • Membrane Manufacturer: Solmax
  • Insulated Panel Manufacture: Lemna
  • Supply & Installation: FLI


  • 2.5mm HDPE 32,500m2
  • Insulated floating cover 24,000m2


  • Installation crew of 14 people
  • 1 Site manager (FLI)
  • 5 Skilled Technicians
  • 8 Local labourers


FLI took 12 weeks to complete this project. We were working in the middle of the Gobi desert and had to be totally self sufficient with equipment and material.