Case Studies

Geosynthetics Case Studies

Coal Mine Raw Water Storage Ponds

This project consisted of design, supply and install basal lining system and an insulated modular floating cover for two large raw water storage ponds. A MLDS (mobile leak detection system) survey was carried out before the lagoon was filled. The cover was installed dry, immediately after the basal lining was tested.

Nickel Ore Mining

Supply and installation of 1.5mm LLDPE for lining of residue storage facility. Goro Nickel mine is one of the largest mining construction projects in the world. The construction site is in New Caledonia an island located in the South Pacific Ocean. FLI were successful in winning the contract to supply and install geosynthethic lining systems for a large tailing storage facility. The contract also included ancillary lining works around the site such as supply and installation of HDPE and rubber lining for onsite ponds and complex circular counter current decantation tanks floors with leak detection system.

Uzbekistan Heap Leach Pads

FLI won the contract to supply and install a lined containment area of 785,000m2 as an environmental barrier for a Gold Mine heap leach Pad

Anaerobic Digestor Lagoon

The project was a design and build project. Which consisted of a double lined lagoon with a permanent electronic leak detection system. The floating cover has a gas collection and rain water pumping system. It was fabricated and launched from outside and pulled over a wet (full) lagoon before been fixed around the perimeter.