The management team and staff of FLI France will meet or exceed the requirements of applicable environmental legislation.

The key environmental impacts we are addressing are :

  • To review environmental impacts within the design of our products.
  • To minimise the potential negative environmental impact of our activities, and to maximise positive impacts.
  • To minimise consumption of, and impact on, natural resources where practical.
  • To continually improve environmental performance by reducing or recycling waste wherever possible.

To address these areas, management and staff will:

  • Provide sufficient information and training to enable employees to improve the company’s environmental systems.
  • Encourage suppliers and sub-contractors to develop and apply the best possible environmental practice, and monitor this in conjunction with the company’s supplier evaluation procedures.
  • Make environmental management an integral part of the company.
  • To provide effective control, the management team will afford time and resources for the implementation of the policy and to review it annually.