Nickel Ore Mining

Supply and installation of 1.5mm LLDPE for lining of residue storage facility. Goro Nickel mine is one of the largest mining construction projects in the world. The construction site is in New Caledonia an island located in the South Pacific Ocean. FLI were successful in winning the contract to supply and install geosynthethic lining systems for a large tailing storage facility. The contract also included ancillary lining works around the site such as supply and installation of HDPE and rubber lining for onsite ponds and complex circular counter current decantation tanks floors with leak detection system.

Project Details




New Caledonia

Further Information

Details of Companies Involved:

  • Client: Inco Australia Management Pty / VALEINCO
  • Main Contractor: GCT
  • CQA: Int.
  • Design Consultant: Golder Associates
  • Membrane Manuf.: Solmax / Rema Tip Top / GSE
  • Supply & Installation: FLI

Materials Quantities:

  • 1.5mm LLDPE 564,000m2
  • 2mm HDPE 102,000m2
  • 2.5mm HDPE 53,000m2
  • 3mm HDPE 22,000m2
  • Chemoline G4 Rema Tip Top 8,000m2
  • Geotextiles & Geonets 150000m2


  • 1 Site manager (FLI)
  • 2 Site Superviser (FLI)
  • 2 Foreman (FLI)
  • 2 CQA Technicians (FLI)
  • 12 Master Seamers (FLI)
  • 6 Installation Technicians(FLI)


Installation began in 2006 and was completed in 2009