FLI France offers a comprehensive range of geosynthetic materials. Geosynthetic materials are manufactured materials designed to be used in applications to protect the world environment.  

Typical type of Geosynthetic materials:

•Geomembranes are very low permeability liners used for environmental protection containments/ barriers. The most commonly used geomembranes are:

-HDPE (high density polyethylene)

-LLDPE (low density polyethylene)

-PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)

•Geotextiles are used for protection, drainage, separation and reinforcement, they are in two forms 



•Geogrids are open mesh-like materials used for stabilization and reinforcement.

•GCL’s are very low permeability liner consisting of an impermeable sodium bentonite core needle-punched between two support geotextiles.

•Geocomposites consist of at least two different components; a three dimensional polymer core, which acts as the transport medium- gas and liquid, and a geotextile filter fabric which allows liquids to pass into the core but prevents the surrounding fill from washing in and clogging the core.

•Geocells are cavity-like materials in a web used for road and slope stabilisation.

 FLI France can provide advice on material specification and cost benefits for your lining system solution