Anaerobic Digestor Lagoon

The project was a design and build project. Which consisted of a double lined lagoon with a permanent electronic leak detection system. The floating cover has a gas collection and rain water pumping system. It was fabricated and launched from outside and pulled over a wet (full) lagoon before been fixed around the perimeter.

Project Details


McCain Alimentaire S.A


Matougues, France

Further Information

  • Design Consultant: Geomatrix Consultants
  • Membrane Manufacturer: Serrot
  • Leak Location Survey: I-Corp & Sensor
  • Supply & Installation: FLI

Materials: Quantities

  • 2.0mm HDPE smooth - Base 11,700m²
  • 2.0mm HDPE smooth - Primary 11,700m²
  • 1.5mm Coverflex – Floating Cover 11,000m²
  • Protection Geotextile 11,700m²
  • Conductive Geotextile 11,700m²
  • 5mm Geo net 11,700m²
  • Electronic Sensors 430 No

All other fixtures and fittings including gas floats & ballast, batten & gaskets, factory pipe boots, rainwater water sumps.


  • 2 Supervisors
  • 12 Skilled Technicians


The project was completed to programme.